There’s never a dull moment on the New York City subway. And anybody who uses it knows to keep their wits about them because it’s like the wild west on a regular basis.

In addition to the concerning spike in crime, some people subject other passengers to venomous rants. The latest example involves an Asian woman who went on an expletive-filled, racist tirade on the train.

Hip Hop Vibe, which first reported the incident, wrote, “an Asian woman was on a subway making all kinds of insulting remarks towards a group of Black people. During her tirade, this woman held nothing back about how she truly feels about the Black community.”

The video was posted on Twitter and YouTube. You might want to use headphones if you watch it.

What Did The Woman Say?

In the video, the woman shouts to an unseen person, “you like being called a n*gger, right? That’s ’cause you act like a n*gger, B-boy! I said to stay the f*ck away from me!”

The worst was yet to come.

Hip Hop Vibe wrote, “when this video begins, it is not clear what led to this woman talking and acting this way.”



Did Anyone Intervene?

Yes. A white male passenger taps the woman on the shoulder and politely asks her to tone it down.

This only causes her to get more aggressive.

“I wasn’t talking to you!” she shouts. “Shut the fu*ck up.”

Other passengers try to calm her as well, but in vain. The man recording is heard saying, “she’s wylin!”



Oddly, She Brought A Former President Into It

The woman says to a Black man in the distance, “Barack sent you? Barack sent you?!”

Then she tells a woman, “everyone who fu*ks your Black vagina, is a n*gger!” Additional terms referencing female anatomy are used repeatedly, including “c*nt.”

“This is fun right?” she exclaims. “This is what New Yorkers are like!”



Twitter Users Had A Range Of Reactions

Some Black Twitter users jumped at the chance to find humor in the woman’s comments.
Bigsatchh wrote, “I was cracking up, like no way that was the best she got!” 
Bigeliw remarked, “I’m not understanding the insult. She seemed pretty obsessed with Black vaginas though.”
Another person took a swipe at the woman’s bag which read “Don’t Worry, Eat Happy.”
They wrote, “that bag is sending me!”

Some Responses Were Serious

Cap_mista tweeted, “God knows not to put me in those situations. Because there’s only so much I could take.”

SpoicySamoan said, “my fuse is too damn short for this audacity.”

Others, seemingly lost for words, simply posted memes and videos.