Under $400 Round-Trip: Cheap Destinations September 2022
Photo Credit: Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

Photo Credit: Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

Under $400 Round-Trip: Cheap Destinations September 2022

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 2, 2022

September is kicking off what analysts are predicting this fall for many destinations: cheap airfare.

The good news is if you’ve been trying to wait things out after an expensive summer, September is an excellent time to travel as both tickets and the touristy crowds decrease.

Ready to book a cheap flight? Here are five flight deals for $400 or less round-trip this September.

Editor’s Note: Please check all updated travel advisories, adhere to all testing requirements, and mask mandates if you travel this fall.

Toronto, Canada For As Low As $89 Round-Trip

Toronto, Canada
Photo Credit: Marcin Skalij | Unsplash

This is the perfect destination this time of the year as you will visit just as peak tourist season ends. Toronto in September is ideal for those looking to see the iconic CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, or the Art Gallery but want to avoid the large crowds.

And if you think the festival season ends in August with Caribana, think again. The international film festival, Toronto’s Just for Laughs festival, and Celebrate Toronto are all held in September.

Round up your friends for this trip because there are a ton of flights for less than $200 round-trip from various cities, according to Skyscanner.

The cheapest option leaves Nashville on Sept. 22 and returns on Sept. 22 with Swoop Airlines. Purchase your ticket here for $89 round-trip!

St. Croix Island, U.S. Virgin Islands For As Low As $107 Round-Trip

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Do you know what we love about the U.S. Virgin Islands? No passport is needed! St. Croix is known as the “Big Island” of the four U. S. Virgin Islands, where there is no shortage of fun, especially if you love the water. You can snorkel and jet ski at Rainbow Beach or book a kayaking experience to tour the city.

While you’re there, check out our guide on spending a day in Black-owned St. Croix.

Like Toronto, there are many flight options from various U.S. cities for less than $200 round-trip.


The only downside to this trip in September is during Hurricane Season, which runs until November 30.

You want to ensure you have a backup plan and travel insurance in case bad weather strikes.

The cheapest option leaves Fort Lauderdale on September 19 and returns on September 26. with Spirit Airlines. A round-trip direct flight will cost you $107. You can purchase the ticket here.

Medellin, Colombia For As Low As $163 Round-Trip

Unsplash | Mike Swigunski

There are some destinations you’re happy you checked off the list, but in the back of your mind, you know you won’t be pressed to return.

Medellin is not that kind of place. It’s just one of those vibrant cities that never gets old.

There’s something literally for everyone in Medellin. If you want to relax, you can head to a spa. If you wish to adventure, consider horseback riding or hiking up Piedra El Peñol. Our guide on how to spend 24 hours in Medellin, Colombia, has everything you need when it comes to booking spa appointments and excursions.

According to Skyscanner, those of you leaving Miami have the best flight deals. Viva Air will get you to Medellin on Sept. 20 and return on Sept. 23 for $163 round-trip.

Flights from Philly can be purchased for less than $200 round-trip. Flights out of Atlanta, Orlando, New York City, and Dallas are priced for less than $260 round-trip.

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru
Getty Images

If you haven’t explored Lima, Peru, you may find that it’s the kind of destination that will surprise you. Peru has a lot of history and culture, and the people are very proud of their Inca heritage.

There are hundreds of potato and corn varieties, so if you are looking for a place to try new foods, this is the place for you.

But the adventure doesn’t stop with the food, but the art. H ad over to the Barranco neighborhood as it’s Lima’s most romantic and bohemian neighborhood. You will be surrounded by art, good food, and amazing views of the country’s coast.

Flights from Washington, DC, Atlanta, Philly, and New York City are less than $350 round-trip.

Miami is the winner again when it comes to the cheapest flight. Use Sept. 10 through Sept. 17 as your travel dates for a round-trip ticket for $255 on Viva Air.

Madrid Spain For As Low As $353 Round-Trip

Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas

Spain’s capital is home to some of the world’s best food, museums, and architecture.

Madrid has some of the best tapas in the world, and one place to add to your itinerary is Sidería El Tigre. It’s often crowded, but the entire plate of tapas you receive will be worth the people.

Another must on your to-do list? Museo del Prado. It’s one of the most popular and recognized places in the art world, with 3 million visitors each year. Here is where you will fall in love with ancient paintings.

For those of you in New York City and Washington, DC, you can get to Madrid for less than $400 round-trip.

New York offers the cheapest option on Iceland’s Play Airlines. There is a long layover in Keflavík, Iceland, but you can look at it as two destinations for the price of one.

Use Sept. 13 through Sept. 18 as your travel dates in Skyscanner for a round-trip ticket priced at $353.

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