Artistic inspiration has a way of striking at random times. Early in the morning. Late at night. No one knows exactly where it comes from, but every creative knows the feeling.

If you’re a visual artist who likes to paint or draw, you want to be prepared when the need to create arrives. Traveling has a way of sparking inspiration after long stretches of artist’s block.

There’s no need to shop around. From sketchbooks to paints, erasers to portfolios, Amazon offers everything for the visual artist, at pretty competitive prices. You’ll also find materials that may not be available in your local art store.

Here are five products for the visual artist on the go.


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No shade towards digital art, but there’s nothing like putting pencil to paper. If you can sketch, you’re on your way to being a successful visual artist.

There’s a range of pencils you can purchase, but check out the PANDAFLY Pencil Set. You’ll get 12, pre-sharpened graphite pencils with different levels of hardness.

Amazon explains, “special bonding makes the graphite leads extra break resistant, and gives them superior long lasting point strength. They are easy to sharpen and erase. They are allow designers, illustrators, and artists to create their best work on paper, sketchbooks, sketch pads, and any other medium.”






EXTRIC Kneaded Eraser

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When your pencil doesn’t have an adequate eraser, what do you do?

If you’re looking for flexibility and versatility, buy the EXTRIC Kneaded Eraser, which has the consistency of gum.

Not only can it erase, it’s useful for shading and blending.

Several Amazon users noted that while these erasers are effective, they smell a bit like rubbing alcohol. If you think this may be an issue, look at other brands.


ARTEZA Sketchbook

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When inspiration comes knocking, make sure you’re prepared!

The ARTEZA Sketchbook is ideal for professional and novice artists. It’s also a great value.

According to Amazon, there’s “more paper, more possibilities. You get a thick, large sketch book – 100 sheets in all – so you can draw, sketch, doodle and color to your heart’s content.”

Suitable for pencils, charcoal, ink and pastels.


T-SIGN Easel


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When you want to capture the majesty of that mountain range, or a dramatic beach scene in a drawing or painting, you’ll need a sturdy easel.

This one by the T- SIGN store almost has a five star rating on Amazon. It’s one of the best selling easels in the U.S. as well.

It can be adjusted for different sizes of paper and canvas.  Display your masterpiece on it afterwards.

US Art Supply Store Toolbox

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This art box is perfect for storage and on the go.

It’s well made, lightweight and durable. You can put materials in the top tray and below.

Reviews by Amazon users are mostly positive.

One person wrote, “I like this box and find it quite useful. I do admit I believe the bottom and the top should be made of thicker wood, but I am not removing any stars. Anyone purchasing it should realize from the descriptive title that it is not meant to carry heavy weight. It’s a functional box and its uses are only limited by your imagination plus the light-weight wood used on the bottom.”

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