A recent Forbes Advisor’s report analyzed the top 100 busiest airports in the nation to identify the worst airports for summer travel. The study evaluated these airports using 10 key metrics, including on-time arrival performance and airfare prices, specifically during the busy summer travel season. The report considered factors such as delays within the national aviation system, canceled flights, and punctuality of arrivals.

The report also examined the impact of air carrier delays, late-arriving aircraft delays, diverted flights, and weather-related disruptions. Airfare prices were also a significant factor as it relates to summer travel. The average airfare cost in the second quarter of the year constituted 5% of the overall score, with typical fluctuations averaging 5% variation in dollar amounts between the first and second quarters.

Forbes Advisor used the Bureau of Transportation Statistics TranStats database as a source, spanning 2018 to 2022. The “2022 passenger rank” system was used to rank airports based on the total number of domestic passengers passing through each airport. This data allowed experts to determine the relative popularity and activity levels of airports during the given period.

These are the top 5 worst airports for summer travel, according to Forbes Advisor:

1. Orlando Sanford International Airport, Florida

Orlando Sanford International Airport ranks first on the list of the worst airports for summer travel. This airport has the lowest percentage of on-time flights (66.72%) among the 100 busiest airports. The percentage of weather-related flight delays at SFB (2.21%) and overall flight delays at SFB (1.50%) are the two worst among the metrics considered.

Airport operations, high traffic volume, and air traffic control all contribute to SFB having the 16th highest percentage of flight delays, according to the National Aviation System.

2. St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, Florida

The percentage of flight delays at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport due to weather (3.66%) and late-arriving aircraft (15.07%) is the highest of any airport in the world. Among the 100 busiest airports, PIE has the second-lowest percentage of on-time flights (67.09%). It also has the thirteenth-highest percentage of diverted flights (0.41%).

3. Asheville Regional Airport, North Carolina

Asheville Regional Airport ranks fourth for weather-related delays (1.74%) and sixth for late-arriving aircraft (8.89%). When considering airport operations, heavy traffic volume, and air traffic control delays, this airport ranks eighth worst. The North Carolina-based airport is also the fifteenth worst for National Aviation System delays (6.32%).

4. Orlando International Airport, Florida

The percentage of on-time flights (74.06%), flight delays due to the National Aviation System (8.18%), and the percentage of flights that were diverted (0.66%) make Orlando International Airport the fourth worst airport in the country.

5. Bradley International Airport, Connecticut

As the sixth least on-time-performing airport, Bradley International Airport had the seventh-highest percentage of weather delays (1.63%). In addition, BDL shares the eighth-highest percentage of airline delays (9.03%) with Albany International Airport and Tucson International Airport.