Some people travel on a whim — and others consult with the aligning of their celestial bodies and their zodiac sign before making a decision. If you’re in the latter category, you’re probably wondering where you should travel next now that the outside is beginning to open up again.

Fortunately, Third Generation Conjure — a mother-daughter team of Black rootworkers, astrologers, and hoodoo practitioners based in Alabama — has done all the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at what they recommend.


“Aries is the most fearless zodiac sign by nature,” they said. “They are also often brave and on the impatient side. They can get bored easily, so they need a location that will keep them moving and busy!”

That means an Aries like Lil Nas X would love to head off to someplace like Las Vegas, NV on their next trip. The rootworkers agree that Sin City is perfect for the “Call Me By Your Name” performer. “Loud, unapologetic, and instant gratification — what’s not to love about the Strip for someone like Lil Nas X?” they said.


“Being ruled by Venus, a Taurus needs elegance, beauty, and luxury — a place where they can be pampered with the finest,” they said.

Looking to vacation like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? The ladies of Third Generation Conjure recommend a trip to somewhere luxe, but chill, in the Caribbean — the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is a good option. “Nothing says elegance, beauty, and luxury like the islands,” they said. “Tauruses also like their privacy — and Tortola has it in droves.”


“Gemini is very social and can be impulsive, so they need a spot where they can relax, while still having a good time, as they can switch between being an introvert and extrovert,” they said.

Both Kanye West and his eldest daughter, North, are Geminis. And these ambiverts, say the rootworkers, would love a place like Ibiza for their next trip — because it’s the perfect combination of relaxing sandy beaches and wild nightclubs.


“Cancers set off the summer. And because they’re ruled by the water, they need to be near the water. Cancers tend to be sensitive and are empaths, so they need a vacation where they can be secluded to rejuvenate,” said the Third Generation Conjure ladies.

Kevin Hart is one of the most famous Cancers in the world — and unsurprisingly, say the rootworkers, he’s often seen vacationing in places near the water on his Instagram page. If he’s looking for his next hot vacation spot, the rootworkers say he should consider Maui next on his list.


“Leos are very confident and often crave attention or want to be the center of it,” they said.

Both Barack Obama and Meghan Markle are Leos — and, the rootworkers say, it’s no surprise that you often see them in places where they are easily seen. “If you want to vacation like Barack and Meghan — or any other famous people with this zodiac sign, like Halle Berry, or John David Washington — head to someplace like Milan, Italy, where you’re sure to be the center of attention,” they said.


“Virgos have an eye for detail, and they can often be hard to impress. They need a location that can take their breath away,” they said.

Beyoncé is the perfect example of a Virgo that needs to have her breath taken away each time she goes away. And, the Third Generation Conjure rootworkers say that America’s national parks — like the Grand Canyon — are just the ticket to paradise for them.


“Libras are very sociable although some seem quiet and withdrawn,” they said. “They love to love and they need a location to embrace their romantic side.”

Is it any wonder that Usher, the modern king of R&B, is a Libra? Probably not. “The perfect vacation spot for our charming zodiac sign is Napa Valley, California — even someplace like Santa Barbara, CA — any place where you can have a social gathering, like a wine tasting, when you want to, but then have the option to retreat into your own private paradise when it’s time to have a good time in private,” they said.


“Scorpios like noise and like to have a good time. They like to stay active and on the go. The perfect vacation spot where they can let their hair down without judgment, even though they could care less what anyone thinks,” they said.

Drake isn’t just a Scorpio — he’s the Scorpio. And, unsurprisingly, he likes to have a freak of a good time, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. The Third Generation Conjure ladies believe he would do well to take his next vacation in a place like Tokyo, Japan, where he can run wild and free without judgment.


“Sagittarius is a sign that loves freedom. They are very friendly and often loud by nature,” they said. “Those within this sign are normally extroverts but also craves peace, freedom, and culture.”

A Sag like Tiffany Haddish would do well if her man, Common, would take her to a place like San Francisco, CA. “Honestly, there are few other cities on this Earth that have the right combination of culture, freedom, and peace all in one. The city is steeped in history and culture, and it also has plenty of green spaces.”


“Capricorns are hard workers, so they need a location where they can still have their ambitious vibe. They are very responsible by nature and can tend to keep their circles small,” said the Black rootworkers.

DaBaby is the consummate Cap, and it’s no surprise that his ambition and take-no-prisoners attitude has made him a success. But even he needs to unwind once in a while, and according to the Third Generation Conjure ladies, the perfect place for him and others in his Zodiac sign to unwind is New York City, New York.


“Aquarians are visionaries and often original as they think outside of the box,” they said. “They can sometimes have an unpredictable nature, so they need spontaneity in their life. They are not very emotional as they are analytical, and they need a location where they can be themselves.”

If Megan Thee Stallion wants to take a much-deserved vacation, this Aqua queen would do well in a place like Iceland. What else could be considered “outside the box” quite like it?


“Pisces are creative and can have a very complex personality,” they said.

“The perfect example of a Pisces celebrity is Rihanna — she’s an empath, but can have the tendency to be emotional. She’ll need a spot for relaxation and tranquility. The perfect spot for that is San Juan, Puerto Rico.”