A Qantas flight attendant has been filmed having a tense interaction with a passenger. The passenger claims the staff was being rude to his wife and children.

A passenger filmed a heated argument between a flight attendant and another passenger on a Qantas flight back in September. The video captured the man yelling at the stewardess. He stated the crew was behaving nasty toward his wife and children who were teething at the time. Then during their interaction, he mentioned the crew members had left his wife in tears.


“Get out of my face.” An Australian family has been kicked off their Qantas flight home from Bali, after a tense altercation with flight attendants. Full details, tonight on #9News

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What happened

“They made her cry and she’s crying because they were being rude to her. With a newborn baby,” said the man arguing with the staff in the video.

The back and forth between the passenger and the stewardess begins to get worse as she’s seen holding her hand up to the man and asking him to “Stop”. The man just continues yelling over and over again demanding an apology. After the attendant see the man isn’t calming down they eventually ask him and his family to get off the plane.

Police called

“Unless you carry my kids out, force them out, we’re not leaving,” he says.

Then in one instance, he says: “Bring the police here,” to which the flight attendant responds: “We are.”

The man continues to argue with the attendant and the rest of the crew until they consider him to be uncontrollable.

“I told you, sir, you were swearing at my crew,” she says.

“You can’t upset my crew.”

He responds, “You’re getting angry at my wife because both of them (their kids) are double teething.”

He then says: “You can’t upset my family and kids. What are you talking about: ‘You can’t upset my crew,’ my wife is crying.”

“Tell security to come and take me by the balls,” he later adds.

Then finally he tells the flight attendant: “Get out of my face,” before the staff walks off for the second time.

As reported to News.com, a spokesperson for Qantas stated the family was removed from the airplane after “abusing our crew several times before the flight departing Bali”.

A statement from Qantas

“The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior,” the spokesperson also said.

“We ask customers to follow the direction of the crew for the safety and comfort of everyone on board.”

In the comments, users were mixed in their response, with some siding with the airline, while others stated the man was defending his family.

A lot of users had mixed feelings on the matter. Many sided with the airline claiming he was being too aggressive with the crew members. Others sided with the man and his family since there were little babies involved. Clearly a simple apology might’ve deescalated the situation or the man could’ve kept a more level head and just made a formal complaint with the airline once they got to their destination.

Let us know how you would’ve handled this interaction as the passenger or as the stewardess.