What better way to close out the summer than to grab your squad and go on a road trip? Roadtrips may seem a bit old school compared to taking flights and cruises, but they’re a great way to bond with the people you love while satisfying your wanderlust.

With the constant improvement in technology over time, planning a road trip has become more streamlined than ever before. Use the following apps to seamlessly plan your next road trip.


This website and app calculate the best route for you. Just enter your destination in their system and they’ll show you sights along the way like parks, restaurants, and hotels.

If you hate planning, Roadtrippers is the perfect option.

Google Maps

You’re probably already using Google Maps but we just had to reiterate that this is a must-have for every road trip.

In addition to navigating to your destination, Google Maps tells you which grocery stores, restaurants, ATMs and gas stations are nearby.

Want to find the cheapest gas stations along your route? Google Maps has got you covered.


Another great app for navigation, Waze also gives you live traffic updates. The app informs you of nearby accidents, hidden police cars, road conditions, and speed limits in addition to other things.

Waze also is good for navigating through backroads so you can avoid heavy traffic jams.


When taking a road trip, bathroom breaks are inevitable and nothing is worse than a filthy public bathroom.

SitorSquat is an app that lets you know which public bathrooms are near and rates them based on cleanliness.

The app is funded by the toilet paper brand Charmin and has over 100,000 public bathrooms across America in its database.


If you get tired along the way and need a place to crash, HotelTonight is the perfect option. They are an app specializing in finding same-day bookings at quality hotels.

Since hotel prices usually drop closer to your stay, you’re more likely to save money by booking last minute.

Using the app also unlocks special mobile prices.