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Expedia Partners with Green Book Global to Launch Black Travel Review Month

In a pioneering effort to enhance diversity and inclusivity within the travel industry, Expedia...

Brunno Braga Aug 8, 2023
Plan Your Next Trip With Apple's New Freeform App

Freeform is the new app from Apple that allows organizers to display the content of any form on...

Rafael Peña Dec 15, 2022
Mariah Carey Invites People To Her Home For The Holidays In New York Through Booking.com Campaign

Booking.com is teaming up with Mariah Carey to bring fans Mariah’s Ultimate Holiday Experience in...

Brunno Braga Dec 1, 2022
Man Dies Following GPS Off Cliff Where Bridge Once Stood

A North Carolina man tragically drove off a cliff to his death on his daughter’s birthday....

Ayah A. Nov 7, 2022
Booking.com's New Partnership Means More Transparency About Carbon Emissions

Booking.com’s new partnership with CHOOOSE brings good news to the environmentally conscious...

Amara Amaryah Oct 27, 2022
Meet The Black Woman Behind The App Melanin On The Map

For first-generation American and experienced traveler, Ashley McDonough, seeing the world has...

DeAnna Taylor Nov 17, 2019