A flight lesson, which should have been routine and uneventful, ended in tragedy. Viktoria Ljungman, a Swedish flight instructor, lost her life due to her student’s fatal error.

Business Insider notes that the student, 18- year old Oluwagbohunmi Oyebode, “pointed the nose of the plane too high, causing it to stall” and crash into a ditch.

If the plane had been higher than 100 feet above the ground, Ljungman might have had enough time to take control and steady it.

Ljungman, 23, was a graduate of Hampton University in Virginia. She died at the scene of the crash and paramedics took Oyebode and another unnamed student to the hospital. Their injuries were serious, but they will likely survive.

The young instructor earned her license to teach flying last April. Business Insider reports that “[her] two students were taking aviation lessons as part of Hampton University’s partnership with the Rick Aviation Flight School.”

The university released the following statement:

“Hampton University is aware of the unfortunate accident that occurred today involving two of our students. The exact cause of the accident is under investigation. Out of respect for the students and their families we have no further comment at this time.”