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Comfortable, Cozy Gear For Your Next Long Haul Flight

The positive aspect of a long-haul flight is the end result; an amazing destination and hopefully...

Patrice Williams Aug 23, 2023
Uber Ventures Into Flight Bookings As Part Of UK Travel "Super App" Strategy

Uber, the ride-hailing giant, has set its sights on becoming a “travel super app” by expanding...

Rafael Peña May 11, 2023
Southwest Employees Are Spilling Out Details On Airline's Meltdown On Reddit

Southwest employees have more details on the airline’s catastrophic meltdown. As frustrations...

Parker Diakite Dec 28, 2022
You No Longer Need To 'Airplane Mode' Your Smartphone While Flying

On your next trip to Europe, you’ll no longer need to put your devices on airplane mode. This is...

Rafael Peña Dec 5, 2022
These Are The Common Mistakes People Make When Booking Flights Through A Third-Party Site And How To Avoid Them

Third-party travel booking sites may have cheaper options, but there are cons that every traveler...

Kelsey Marie Oct 27, 2022
Passenger Poops On Floor Of British Airways

So things are just so bad you hope they aren’t true. Imagine getting on the plane and this is...

Rafael Peña Oct 20, 2022
Flight Crew Still Detained In Dominican Republic After Finding Cocaine On Their Plane 6 Months Ago

Six months ago, five Pivot Airlines crew members were taken into custody after reporting drugs...

Ayah A. Oct 13, 2022

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