Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corp., a prominent Japanese trading and investment company, have joined forces to introduce an innovative program that aims to revolutionize travel experiences for visitors to Japan and other Asian countries. Named “Any Wear, Anywhere,” the program allows travelers to rent clothing instead of carrying their entire wardrobes, offering convenience and promoting environmentally responsible travel.

To make the process seamless, Japan Airlines enables passengers to pre-order clothing online based on their size and seasonal requirements. The service is in the trial phase and will be available until August 2024.

If this environmentally responsible travel program proves successful, Sumitomo Corp. may expand it to other carriers. Prominent airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Malaysia Airlines, which offer service to Japan, could potentially benefit from this initiative.

As Japan’s summer vacation season commences and entry restrictions ease, the country’s airlines, hotels, and restaurants are preparing for a surge in customers. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, visitor numbers reached 1.9 million in May, reflecting approximately 70% of pre-pandemic levels compared to the same month in 2019.

Minimizing Waste And Promoting Environmentally Responsible Travel

The garment rental service will provide small, medium, and large sizes to travelers for a two-week period, at a cost ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 yen ($28 to $49) per apparel set. Selected clothing will be delivered to the traveler’s hotel and offers various styles, including smart, smart casual, or mixed.

Photo credit: Japan Airlines

While minimizing waste and promoting sustainability, rental items serve as supplemental clothing. By adopting this approach, the program reduces landfill waste. Japan Airlines will also inform passengers about the resulting reduction in carbon emissions due to lighter aircraft weight.

While leaving behind a few articles of clothing on a flight may seem insignificant, every ounce counts when traveling long distances. Japan Airlines asserts that eliminating one kilo of weight from a flight between Tokyo (HND) and New York (JFK) reduces its carbon footprint by 0.75 kg.

The Any Wear, Anywhere rental program represents a significant step towards sustainable and convenient travel. By offering travelers the opportunity to rent clothing tailored to their needs, Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corp. actively promote eco-friendly tourism while ensuring enhanced comfort and reduced environmental impact for travelers.