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Feeling The Heat: Travel’s New Climate Reality [2023 Study]

Vacations often bring to mind images of sandy beaches and sun-soaked cityscapes, but the...

Brunno Braga Oct 25, 2023
Seychelles Implements Environmental Sustainability Levy

The Seychelles government has taken a bold step towards environmental sustainability in its...

Brunno Braga Jul 21, 2023
Here's 4 Natural Deodorants to Keep Your Pits Odor-Free

Nothing is more unpleasant than having body odor while traveling. While it is important to use...

Brunno Braga Feb 28, 2023
Airlines Pledge Net Zero Carbon Emissions By 2050

Harrison Haines, Pexel.com Planes are responsible for nearly 3% of global carbon dioxide...

Esthefany Castillo Jul 7, 2022