“Falling for Christmas” is a 2022 Netflix original holiday film that received a booming opening weekend. A charming rom-com millions of viewers have come to adore, its star power surely promotes it. Lindsay Lohan made her comeback in the holiday film, after taking a hiatus from Hollywood. The heartfelt Christmas flick marks a return to the actress’s roots, since her prior work has been full of romantic comedies. 

The plot of “Falling for Christmas” follows Sierra Belmont (played by Lindsay Lohan), an affluent luxury resort heiress. After being proposed to by her influencer boyfriend, Sierra has a tragic accident atop a snowy mountain. After Sierra finds herself with amnesia from her fall, she is under the care of a handsome cabin owner and his daughter. This whirlwind romance follows Sierra’s journey of self realization and love. 

While the idyllic film showcases stunning views of snowy mountains, the Belmont Summit Resort is fictional. Fans and avid travelers would surely want to add the film’s shoot locations to their bucket list, especially those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities. But, where was “Falling for Christmas” filmed?

Stein Eriksen Lodge, Utah 

Stein Eriksen Lodge is a popular destination for winter vacationers and even movie filming. 
Pictured: a snowy forest in Utah during a bright clear day
  • Key scenes: Outdoor scenes and the North Star Lodge 
  • Best time to visit: For the winter wonderland experience, February and March 
  • Transportation: Renting a car is the easiest way to get around the lodge 

The Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah is an alpine destination with European influences. This lodge is the longest running Forbes five star hotel. With exclusive mountain access and top of the line amenities, the Stein Eriksen Lodge is one of the best accommodation options in Utah. In fact, it has been voted as the United States’ Best Ski Hotel of 2023. The destination was used in the film as the location that Lohan’s character awakens in. The lodge was, in the film, the humble North Star Lodge which Sierra stays in during her recovery. 

Things to Do: Yoga, skiing and the spa are all popular activities at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. Skiing in Park City is wildly popular, so travelers can have a memorable winter holiday at the luxury lodge. For visitors of Park City, the historic city center also has many shops and even art galleries.

Where to Eat: Stein Eriksen Lodge has delicious breakfast options, but most visitors venture out to nearby restaurants. Many local dining options are available to visitors of Park City, like Riverhorse, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Park City. 

Where to Stay: Of course, Stein Eriksen Lodge is the place to stay while in the area. The lodge has spacious suites, hot tubs, private decks and most importantly, high quality service.

Goldener Hirsch Hotel, Utah

The Goldener Hirsch Hotel is one of the filming locations from the film “Falling for Christmas”.
Pictured: the mountain cable ride near the Goldener Hirsch Hotel in Utah during winter
  • Key scenes: Interior resort shots 
  • Best time to visit: For winter sports, January to March
  • Transportation: Complimentary shuttle services within a four mile radius of the hotel

The Goldener Hirsch Hotel in Park City, Utah is the real place that inspired the fictional Belmont Summit Resort. When it comes to where was “Falling for Christmas” filmed, this hotel was the main filming location. The hotel is perfectly situated near striking mountains, which viewers will not miss since the film begins with a ski race. The modern accommodation is a sleek residence complete with glass panels and mountainside balconies. The hotel is a skiing paradise complete with a prep room with optical illusions and ski lounges. The location was perfect for the luxurious Belmont Summit Resort because of its contemporary features and rating as the best resort hotel in Utah. 

Things to Do: There is plenty to do at the Goldener Hirsch Hotel (and much to do in Utah in general), like snow shoeing, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, dogsledding and even snowmobiling. This luxury accommodation has some of the best snow sports available.

Where to Eat: The Goldener Hirsch restaurant is an award winning restaurant with Bavarian specialties and local meals. Travelers can wait in the Antler Lounge to have a cocktail or charcuterie plate before they indulge in the classy European restaurant.

Where to Stay: Goldener Hirsch is a top rated accommodation. It is an architectural gem and modern residence with antique decor. The hotel is not just a place to stay, it is a modern wellness retreat where visitors can get active and also relax.

Salt Lake City, Utah  

Salt Lake City is a popular city of Utah that is a filming location for the new Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie. 
Pictured: a view of Salt Lake City with snow capped mountains and the cityscape
  • Key scenes: Outdoor scenes 
  • Best time to visit: For outdoor fun, visit from November to March
  • Transportation options: Trains and buses are the best public transportation

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and one of the most populated cities in the state. The mountain shots in the Christmas film were from the great city, which has a thriving tourism industry. The scene where Sierra is proposed to is on the city’s mountainside. Even some businesses in the city were used to portray the fictional city center. The film portrayed a small-town alpine location, which is nearly spot on since Salt Lake is a (large yet) cozy winter getaway. 

Things to Do: Salt Lake City has many amusement parks, zoos, gardens and ski locations. Outdoor activities like biking, hiking and fishing are popular among tourists.

Where to Eat: Local favorites include the formal Valter’s Osteria, cozy Log Haven and Ruth’s Diner which is a highly rated breakfast spot. 

Where to Stay: The recently built Hyatt Regency of Salt Lake City is the perfect downtown hotel close to the central areas. The modern accommodation has stunning views of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains, which guests can enjoy.