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Film Locations

A Portuguese Paradise: Where Was 'Damsel' Filmed?

Damsel is a Netflix film that seemingly became an instant hit. The film, directed by Juan Carlos...

Sarah Rand Mar 20, 2024
The Top Six Harry Potter Airbnbs Worldwide

Airbnb superhosts have been transforming their spaces into niche vacation homes, which many...

Sarah Rand Jan 22, 2024
Where Is Carrie Bradshaw's New York Apartment In 'Sex And The City' Located?

(Disclaimer: The following story has spoiler alerts.) For all of the “Sex and the City Fans” out...

Gabrielle Tazewell Aug 31, 2023
Where was 'Dirty Dancing' Filmed?

“Dirty Dancing,” that classic dance film released in 1987 and starring the late (and great)...

Dr. Diana Rangaves Aug 16, 2023
Where Was 'Her' Filmed?

These days, when people watch movies, they’re not just passive participants anymore. Instead,...

Dorian Smith-Garcia Jul 31, 2023
Where was Jurassic Park Filmed?

Released June 11, 1993, Jurassic Park remains one of the most popular movies to date. Telling the...

Gabrielle Tazewell Jul 7, 2023